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Meet Safedome

The world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracker. As thin as one credit card (0.76mm), Safedome is the smart way to keep track of your valuables.

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Keep it safe with Safedome

Safedome is an ultra thin smart card that keeps an eye on your wallet - or anything else you don’t want to lose - using your iOS or Android smartphone. Safedome connects to the Safedome app via Bluetooth and sends quick alerts if you and your wallet separate.

A practical and clever white label product, Safedome will position your brand at the centre of your customers’ everyday lives.

Always connected

Safedome connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in just a few easy steps. Then it simply runs in the background.

Alerts, when you need them

The Safedome app sends you an alert and tells you the last known location if you leave a valuable item behind.

Alert free zones

Add alert free zones, such as your home or office, where you don’t want to receive alerts.

Customize Safedome for your business

Safedome is a highly customizable white label product that helps you engage more meaningfully with your customers.

Top of wallet / Brand awareness

Bring your brand into your customers' wallets. Keep your brand relevant and front of mind. Customize the card and app to best suit your customers’ and marketing needs.

Customer acquisition + retention

Provide customers with a useful device that takes the hassle out of losing things, reduces stress and enhances peace of mind. When they engage meaningfully with your products, they attribute more value to your brand and service offering.

Reduce business costs

For our banking, insurance, and travel industry clients, Safedome has proven to cut costs associated with lost and found and card replacement services.

Integrated services

Benefit from our team of experts in UX design, UI design, content strategy, iOS and Android development and project management.

Technology leader

Stand out from the pack. Safedome associates your brand with cutting edge technology.

Safedome boosts customer acquisition and retention, creates upselling opportunities, and turns your customers into brand ambassadors.

Think of Safedome as a billboard in your customer's wallet.

Customizable solutions

Safedome is fully customizable. We provide a bespoke solution that fits your unique customer and business needs.

Card vault

Option for a secure portal to store important card details and quickly report any losses

Smart travel

Take the vulnerability out of travelling – integrate with travel services to protect your customers while away from home

Smart payments

Can be built with fully compliant ISO MasterCard approved payment instrument with EMV

ID fraud services

Bespoke ID fraud detection services for various data types: emails, addresses, phone numbers, passports and more

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