the Safedome card and/or fob to the Safedome app.



the fob to your keys or place the card into anything you can't afford to lose.



your missing items. The app remembers when and where you last had them. Or press the button on the card to find your phone.


Super slim tracker

We've slimmed down our Bluetooth technology to the thinness of a credit card so that it fits effortlessly into your wallet.


Find things fast

The Safedome app remembers when and where you last had your missing item.

Left Behind-2.png

Stop forgetting stuff

Left your wallet at home? Safedome knows if you've left something behind and alerts you before you've gone to far.


Safedome Classic

The worlds slimmest Bluetooth tracker for people who like to travel light.

Wallets, Passports, Laptops, Tablets
0.76mm thin, fits into your wallet or can be attached to your laptop or tablet. Battery last's up to 1 year. Water resistant.


Safedome Recharge

The world's first wireless rechargeable Bluetooth tracker. Available now.

Wallets, Passports, Bags
Rechargable, water resistant.


Safedome Pebble

As the name suggests, this  tracker has been designed for easy handling and its smart look. Be notified before it's available to the public.

Keys, Bags, Pets
Replaceable battery, waterproof.