Ever misplaced your wallet?

My commute to and from work each day is around sixty minutes on the bus. That sounds like a lot of time (and it is) but I personally don’t mind it; it’s pretty safe, relaxing, and gives me time to get things done.

One night I was burning the midnight oil in the office and had to catch a late bus home. I was exhausted, so within minutes of boarding, I was fast asleep. The bus was empty save a few equally tired-looking people.

The hour passed and I woke just as the bus was pulling up to my stop. I gathered my bag, stood up and stumbled half-asleep out of the doors. Halfway home I noticed I didn’t have my wallet.  I rummaged through my bag, emptied the pockets, checked every compartment...

My wallet was gone.

I felt myself panic as I grew to realise what had happened: could my wallet have been stolen while I was asleep? Luckily, I checked back with the Safedome app and it showed me where I last had it: a few meters away from where I had got off the bus!

Now very awake, I raced back to the bus stop and luckily for me, saw my wallet in the gutter. It must have dropped out of my bag while I was still half asleep! Thankfully, I didn’t have to cancel all my cards and driver’s licence which would have been a HUGE hassle.  

I’m grateful I had the card to stop a bad situation from getting worse.