Safedome on Location

Outside of the 9-to-5 grind I lead a secret life as a photographer. This means a lot of time spent out and about, up mountains one day and down in the bustling city the next. With my camera bag always in tow it’s hard to always keep a constant eye on it. I usually keep my phone in my jacket pocket while I shoot so I can listen to music or take calls, but my bag full of expensive lenses and heavy equipment is easy to set down and forget.

Before I had Safedome I always had to keep one eye on what I wanted to shoot and another on my camera bag, particularly if I was on a busy street. It was annoying and very distracting, which means you don’t get to focus on the job in hand.

When I got my Safedome card I didn’t appreciate how much of an impact it would have on the little things in my life, like photography. Now I can concentrate on the stuff that matters most.

Thanks, Safedome.