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Personalise our super-thin Bluetooth tracker card for your customers wallets, tablets or laptops.

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Create a custom made Bluetooth tracker fob to match your brands colours and shape, or simply brand our off-the-shelf fob.

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Credit Cards

Integrate our Bluetooth tracking technology into your Mastercard credit or debit card. We're already Mastercard approved.

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The Safedome App

Keep track of Safedome cards and fobs using our customisable app.

Personalise our app with your brand, colours and tone of voice or integrate the Safedome API into your existing iOS or Android application.

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Our technology made yours

Safedome works for every kind of industry.
You can tailor our products to meet your specific needs.



Losing digital car keys is something car companies and customers want to avoid. Provide your customers with a bespoke Bluetooth tracker fob that suits their car and lifestyle. The Safedome fob helps keep keys safe and takes your brand beyond the ride.



A lost wallet, laptop or passport can derail any trip. Safedome's customisable Bluetooth card and fob can help keep an eye on anything your customers can't afford to lose. Be with them everyday, not just the journey. 



Go beyond the phone and data services. Help your customers track and find their devices, wallets and laptops with Safedome's customisable Bluetooth card. 


Financial Services

Help keep existing customers loyal, by providing them technology that helps their everyday lives. The Safedome customisable card and fob gets your brand in their wallet and phone and on their laptop and key ring.


Give students and teachers a solution to avoid losing expensive sports gear, instruments and technology. The Safedome customisable Bluetooth card or fob can help keep track of all their precious belongings.


Safedome boosts customer acquisition and retention, creates upselling opportunities, and turns your customers into brand ambassadors.

Think of Safedome as a billboard in your customer's wallet.