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This is Safedome

Keep your valuables safe with the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracker.

Peace of mind, in your wallet.

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The most versatile Bluetooth tracker

As thin as a credit card, Safedome fits right in your wallet. Its sleek design means you can attach it to anything you can’t afford to lose.

Tired of misplacing things?

Losing your valuables is stressful. We understand. We’ve all wasted so much time looking around and retracing our steps. Then there’s the rigmarole of replacing items, contacting card issuers, maybe even having to file a police report.


How many important cards do you carry around in your wallet? Driving licence? Identity card? Credit and debit cards? Most of us don’t keep track of everything - until it’s too late.


Your life is on your laptop. And if you’ve forgotten to back up, your personal digital files - photos, videos, music, personal documents, and work documents - may be irrecoverable.

Take control with Safedome

With Safedome, you’re in safe hands. Safedome helps you keep track of your most valuable items using your smartphone. If your wallet (or whatever you’ve attached Safedome to) goes missing, the app sends an alert and uses GPS to give you its last known location. Simply follow the directions provided within the app to that location.

The Safedome card

Safedome connects to your iOS or Android phone via Bluetooth and alerts you if your wallet's at risk. Unlike simple tracking apps and devices, Safedome is active. It knows your wallet's missing before you do, and makes sure you're alerted quickly.

Know where your wallet is, always.

Simply open the app, connect the Safedome card to your phone in a few easy steps, then just let Safedome run in the background.

Get quick alerts, when you need them.

Set alert free zones, like home or work, so you only get alerts when you need them.

Feel secure, all the time.

At a glance, know the connection status of your Safedome card and its location.

"This is just what I was looking for. I've lost my wallet twice now, so I'm keen to give this a go. Looks good and was easy to set up. Hopefully I'll never lose my wallet again!"

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