The Safedome card


The card won’t connect to my phone

Follow the instructions in the app to connect your card. If setup fails, try placing your card closer to your device.

If there is another card nearby, the app may attempt to connect to it. Try moving your card to a different location.

If this doesn’t work try turning your phone off then on to reset Bluetooth.


My card won't reconnect

If Bluetooth disconnects and won't reconnect to the card, there may be an issue with Bluetooth on your device.

Try restarting your device and / or quitting the Safedome app. You quit the app by double clicking the Home button to bring up the fast app switcher, navigate to the Safedome app screen and swipe it up off the screen.

Note: iOS 11 has known issues that Apple is working on to resolve.


Do I need to recharge the card battery?

The battery is sealed in the card which is designed to be dust and water resistant. The battery lasts one year and doesn’t need to be recharged or changed.


Is the card splash resistant?

It’s better. It’s water resistant. But we recommend you don’t go swimming with it.


How do I turn my card on and off? 

Once connected, your card is always on.

To turn the card off or put it in flight mode, go to the app Settings on the Home screen and tap ‘Turn card off’.

Turn your card back on again by firmly pressing and holding the button down until the LED flashes.



The Safedome app


What is the smallest alert free zone I can set?

30 meters (99 feet).

Note: 50 metres or more will avoid some inaccuracies (in some indoor locations GPS and location services on the phone may be inaccurate).


How many alert free zones can I create?

You can create as many alert free zones as you wish.


What happens if I get a new phone – will I need to set everything up again?

Yes, but don’t worry. Unlink your card from your old phone and relink it to your new one. Unlink is in Settings on the home screen.





What is a "Zone"?

Zones, or Alert Free Zones, are locations where you don’t want alerts every time your card and phone separate, such as your home or office.


Does the app drain my phone battery? 

The Safedome card uses Bluetooth Low Energy and is designed to use very minimal battery power, approximately between 1% and 3% under normal conditions. This is less than many other apps on your phone.


Why do I keep getting incorrect alerts? 

Our testing shows that the Safedome card works in most wallets and purses. If you keep getting incorrect alerts, try repositioning the card.

Occasionally radio interference, buildings or certain objects can affect the Bluetooth connection and cause some incorrect alerts.

Make sure you don’t have a specially designed RFID blocking wallet. This will block the Bluetooth signals from the card.

Your card battery may be flat. The average battery life is 12 months. If you do not see a light on your card when you firmly press and hold the button, please order a new card.


Will my Safedome card work overseas?

Yes, it works everywhere. The app needs a Bluetooth connection and internet, such as WiFi or mobile data. If you don't have internet, basic alarming will still work.


Can I safely take my card on a plane?

Yes. Safedome uses low power Bluetooth, which many airlines allow on when flying. If you are required to put the card in flight mode, go to the app Settings on the Home screen and tap ‘Turn card off’.

When you arrive, turn your card back on again by firmly pressing and holding the button down until the LED flashes.


Can the card be hacked? 

Theoretically, anything can be hacked. Fortunately no private data is stored on your Safedome card, so hacking it serves little purpose.


What happens if my card is faulty
or I lose or damage it?

Email: and we’ll help you out.


Does the app run in the background? 

Yes the app runs in the background. If you power off your phone all background tasks end, you will need to reopen the app to restart the Safedome background task.


How do I know Safedome is working correctly? 

Test Safedome by walking away until the Bluetooth connection is lost. A safety timer will then start, next the warning and alert will sound.


iOS Bluetooth disconnection issue

There is a known issue with iOS 11, which affects Safedome. There are situations in which the bluetooth link between the iOS device and the Safedome card will be disconnected and not automatically reconnected.

This issue has been reported to Apple by multiple parties and there should be a fix released shortly, however at the moment the only way to resolve this issue and reactivate Safedome to protect your items is to quit the Safedome app and restart it.



Supported devices


What devices do you support? 

On iOS, we support the iPhone 4S, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7 and 7 Plus running iOS 8 onwards.

We also support the iPad Mini and iPad 3rd generation (or later) although the application is optimised for phones.

We support Android devices with Bluetooth LE running Lollipop (5.x) and Marshmallow (6.x) and above. If you are running 4.x, we recommend you upgrade to 5.0 or later for a better Safedome experience.


Does Safedome work on Windows Phone or Blackberry?

No. We only support iOS and Android.